31. January 2019

Water boarding on the modern fish farm

Water boarding on the modern fish farm By David Owen How do you know if your fish are inadvertently being throttled by rapidly deteriorating water quality? Fish swim, feed, excrete and play… all in their watery home. On a modern fish farm, all these processes significantly impact upon tank water quality. The modern fish farm typically can inject sufficient oxygen to maintain a stable oxygen level in the fish tank. But what about all the other water parameters? Blue Unit water quality measurement on fish farms has revealed that many critical parameters DO NOT maintain a steady state during a busy production day. What does in-tank instability look like? How… Read more
29. January 2019

New technology to breed healthier fish faster

Blue Unit in collaboration with SDU Sønderborg is developing new technology to secure a stable water quality in recirculation fish farms and create optimal conditions for fish to grow. The partnership was a result of a match made by Odense Robotics in connection with the innovation programme “AutomationsBoost”. Blue Unit and SDU Sønderborg are currently collaborating on new measuring equipment to monitor water quality and growth conditions for fish in recirculation fish farms. “The Lab Station” will be unique in its ability to measure water quality online in up to 12 places on just one fish farm. The system will measure the levels of oxygen, saline, temperature, PH, carbon dioxide,… Read more