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Blue Unit: A Eldor Group  company


Eldor is pleased to announce that Blue Unit AS is now a company in the Eldor group!

Blue Unit and Eldor concluded the acquisition on Wednesday the 8th of December where Eldor is buying 87,5% of the shares in Blue Unit. The remaining 12,5% of the shares will be held by David Owen, the founder of the Blue Unit technology. 

Blue Unit is a technology company located in Odense, Denmark, focused on water quality management, particularly for fish-farm related needs. The company holds patents for a centralized data acquisition system and sensor technology.

Blue Unit will be a part of Eldor’s growth towards the future where technologies in green verticals like water quality shall play an important role. Blue Unit will remain as a brand name and Danish entity in the Eldor group. 

“The near-term purpose of the acquisition is for the Eldor group to get a place within the fish farming industry, as a way to strengthen our portfolio and outlook for the future,” says Børge Richard Kolstad, CEO of Eldor Holding. The unique match between Eldor’s engineering competence from advanced and complex processes and Blue Unit’s patented technology and biologist competence makes a good foundation for our ambition to become a leading supplier in systems for water quality.

About Blue Unit: 

Blue Unit was founded as a consultancy specializing in water quality management for closed fish farms and Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). The challenge was a lack of reliable water quality data that could be used to advise the customer.

This started the idea to build a centralized sensor cabinet, the Lab Station, which can measure water quality across RAS farms. On top of that came the data platform to visualize data and calculate all important machine performances. The first early commercial Lab Station came to the market in 2017, version 1. It was further modified and improved to a more comprehensive and precise version 2.

Blue Unit’s technology started as a system visualizing data, similar to a scada-system. Now Blue Unit’s system is processing the data to be able to tell where, when, and why there is a change in the water quality, long before a sensor can measure the change.

About Eldor: 

Eldor was established in Stavanger, Norway in 2006, by passionate engineers with extensive experience within system engineering of automation, telecommunication, instrumentation, and integrated and remote operations. Today, Eldor has its main offices in Stavanger and Aberdeen. Eldor are experts in engineering, modifications, and maintenance of integrated control and safety systems (ICSS/Scada) and telecommunication systems, as well as human factors, process- and alarm optimisation.  

For more information, you may contact:
Børge Richard Kolstad (+47 905 58 833 or or
Geirmund Vik (+47 45 65 13 67 or

Our Vision is to improve the growth environment and customers’ business

  • Blue Unit will contribute to the customers’ success in aquaculture through close cooperation and competence development.
  • Our products and solutions must contribute to improving the growth environment for fish farming in closed systems.
  • The growth environment must be improved through stabilization of water quality in favor of fish health, resource consumption and operating economy.
  • Blue Unit will continuously contribute new knowledge, competencies and experience.
  • Blue Unit will contribute with solutions to run the farms more efficiently and deliver higher quality products.

Our Culture is Digital Fish Welfare

  • Blue Unit uses high-tech IoT solutions based on digital sensors and advanced communication systems.
  • Blue Unit creates a new system that contributes to modern and analytical management of land-based fish farming.
  • Blue Unit’s digital management system ensures focus on fish welfare and resources. It is the foundation of a healthy business for the land-based fish farming of the future.
  • Blue Unit wants to be a seal of quality for global fish farming.
  • Blue Unit will be a competence center through collaboration with research institutions and the use of high-tech tools and systems.

Our Image

  • We create the data trends of the future.
  • We create new modern management tools.
  • We understand your business.
  • The customer’s trust in Blue Unit is our success.
  • We are the market’s preferred partner and jointly develop competencies and solutions.

A sustainable brand

  • Pollution
    • Reduces energy and feed waste.
    • Reduces fish death and chemical consumption.
    • Focus on closed fishing environments to reduce pollution and water consumption.
  • Resources
    • Ensures an ongoing visualization of water quality, so that customers can prioritize the use of resources most optimally.
  • Animal welfare
    • Ensures the best growth environment for fish farming to create high quality fish.
    • Ensures customers a quick overview of the fish’s growth environment through an ongoing visualization of water quality.
  • Focus on meeting the world goals, especially world goal 12 – “Responsible consumption and production”. Blue Unit will do this by:
    • Contribute to companies being able to optimize sustainable production and integrate the information into their reporting cycle.

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