The concept

The more you know,

the more your fish grow

An easy to use, easy to install all-in-one water
quality monitoring system with subscription-
based software that provides you with
actionable insights 24/7.

Developed from the ground up by experts
to help fish farmers make the right decisions
at the right time, Blue Unit has the potential
to increase yield and profits.

  • Reduce feed waste and energy cost
  • Lower chemical use
  • Potentially decrease water exchange
  • Benchmark systems to find ways to optimize
  • Avoid expensive sensor upgrade and replacements
  • Reduce time at sea
  • Reduce costly disease treatments
  • Reduce sea mortality
  • Provides larger and stronger smolt for sea cages
  • Creates a more stable growing environment
  • Lower stress
  • Faster fish growth
  • Early warning against disaster events

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The hardware

The innovative Blue Unit Lab Station ensures stable water quality

Blue Unit’s innovative hardware and software
solution provides access to more than 10 vital
water quality parameters from up to 12 separate
locations on a fish farm. This creates valuable
insights that allows fish farm managers to

optimize water quality and create a more stable growing environment for the fish resulting in a significant increase in welfare, performance and profitability.

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The services

Our services provide actionable insights and expert recommendations

Our Lab Station generate daily water quality profiles across fish tanks and water treatment systems. With our extensive water quality management experience, we can help your

managers convert this data into a more stable growing environment for the fish and optimize the stripping of toxic components from the system.

Subscribe to get your data visualized and to get
access to expert water quality improvement advice

On a subscription basis, we offer to visualize your data and to analyse the information generated from your Lab Station and combine these with our wealth of water quality management experience in practical advice on how you can improve fish farm profitability.


Basic support

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  • Basic visualization software
  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Free Software update
  • Security – Backup for all your data
  • Lab Station function check
  • License for two users
  • Alarm set up

Premium support

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  • Basic support
  • Full visualization software
  • Data monitoring by Blue Unit with ad hoc comments
  • Water quality Meetings
  • Benchmarking with other farms

Add on

Other services can be required such as:

  • Batch certificate
  • Additional Software pages
  • Management meetings
  • Receive raw data
  • Production report and benchmarking
  • Access for extra persons
  • Service technician visit

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