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Basic support

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Basic support is required for the customer to get access to their own data 24/7 for two users. This will provide the customer with access to the software where the data is presented. The software contains algorithms and calculations together with visual effects. The raw data from the customer is run through these algorithms and calculations to visualize peaks and trends for each measured parameter. The Basic support lets the customer asses their data online. The customer will have an instant overview of the changes going on in the farm.

This overview provides a better understanding of the bio chemical level and any action that needs to be taken in regards of cleaning the filters, feeding, etc. Basic support also entails a Lab Station function check from a Blue Unit staff member. This is important to make sure that the Lab Station is running in optimal conditions.

Premium support

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Medium support provides the benefits from basic support and adds extra features. The customer let’s Blue Unit monitor and analyze water quality to help the farm management and minimize risk. Blue Unit will contact and advise the customer about proposals for improvements whenever a trend or peak occurs and causes an unstable water quality.

Further an alarm setup and warning system can be established and will provide the farm with a safety net, so whenever a threshold is passed, the farm will be informed on time.

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