31. January 2019

Water boarding on the modern fish farm

Water boarding on the modern fish farm By David Owen How do you know if your fish are inadvertently being throttled by rapidly deteriorating water quality? Fish swim, feed, excrete and play… all in their watery home. On a modern fish farm, all these processes significantly impact upon tank water quality. The modern fish farm typically can inject sufficient oxygen to maintain a stable oxygen level in the fish tank. But what about all the other water parameters? Blue Unit water quality measurement on fish farms has revealed that many critical parameters DO NOT maintain a steady state during a busy production day. What does in-tank instability look like? How… Read more
31. January 2019

The super-sized smolt challenge

The super-sized smolt challenge By David Owen In many salmon production regions, there are important advantages in producing a bigger smolt for stocking to sea cages. For example, in locations troubled by sea lice, a larger smolt could reach a size big enough to harvest just before the next wave of sea lice hits. This not only saves treatment for the fish in question, but also freesup lice treatment resources to concentrate on the smaller fish. In Chile, a 150 g smolt is regarded to be better adapted to cope with the sea and it allows for the salmon to stay only one summer in the sea instead of two.… Read more