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Products – Feed Analyzes

Feed quality is affecting water quality. We have developed and rebranded a series of products to measure feed quality.

Pellet bulk density Cup

With this cup you can easily see if your packing density is correct. Made of transparent plastic so you can see the filling and avoid cavity.  Volume 1 Litres.

Knowing your Bulk Density is important for feed screw callibration and silo volume calculations

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Pellet Counter

Knowing the amount of pellets per kg feed from receieved batch to batch can help optimise your feeding strategy.


Pellet sink rate tester

Knowing the sinking characteristics of the pellets in water can help you optimise your feeding.


Pellet Float tester

Floating pellets can in some fishfarms be a issue. If you want to measure how much of your pellets is floating, you can use this tester to quantefy the amounts of floating pellets.

Pellet is counted in to the water and you can count the pellets floating from the outlet.