Lab Station + Professional Support = Improved performance


We offer to analyse the information generated from your Lab Station and combine this with our wealth of water quality management experience.

With a Lab Station, daily water quality profiles across fish tanks and water treatment systems are generated. We can help your managers convert this data into a more stable growing environment for the fish and optimize the stripping of toxic components from the system.

Why focus on water quality?

  • stable water quality gives a stable and safer production
  • stable water quality results in lower stress
  • fish uses less energy for growth

Stable water quality is achieved with precise measurements across the day. Data is uploaded to a database, where data is anaysed to better understand complex water quality trends. By underestanding complex water quality trends, Blue Unit can communicate practical management strategies that improve water quality.

What service do we provide?

  • Data from the Lab Station is analysed higliging water quality trends
  • Periodic reports sent
  • Regularly communicate practical management strategies that improve water quality
  • Integrate manual data from farm
  • We set up alarms for critical parameters
  • Follow Lab Station operation

 The Advantages:

  • Out-of-house folllow up on water quality data
  • A new way of learning about water quality with real data
  • New possibilities to try new management tools
  • Improved documentation on water quality

 Example of Service:  

 service agreement example 1


Service agreement example 2