The Lab Station is a unique measurement system.Measurements are made on water samples that are drawn from up to 12 separate locations on a fish farm.  Automatically, a sample is drawn and measured.

The entire tubing system is then cleaned, followed by a new sample being drawn.  The Lab Station measures not 2, but 9 water quality parameters 24/7. This mean we can develop a precise picture of complex water quality trends across the fish farm.

 We have discovered that there are large changes within water quality across the fish farm through-out the day. Blue Unit are expert at analysing and communicating practical management strategies that improve water quality.




Use of high quality sensors that give fast and accurate measurement results are critical for system success. To achieve our minimum criteria for sensor speed and accuracy we had to develop our own carbon dioxide sensor.

Where each sensor covers measurements for up to 12 locations on a fish farm, we have minimised sensor cost, maintenance and calibration time.

 The Lab Station can measure the following parameters continually across the day for between 4 and 12 measurement locations:

  • Free CO2
  • Total carbonate
  • pH (2 pcs)
  • Redox
  • Salinity
  • Turbidity
  • Oxygen
  • Temperature


Technical specifications: Lab Station and Mobile Lab Station

PLC Logging of all data, automation of Lab Station and of controllers  
Water sampler 2 - 12 sample locations  
Free carbon dioxide Process quality probe, no need for calibration 0-30 mg/L
Total carbonate All bound and free sources of carbon dioxide 0-200 mg/L
pH (2 places in Lab Station and Mobile Lab Station) Double Junction design for extended service life 2-14
Redox Double Junction design for extended service life +/- 500 mV
Conductivity 2 point conductivity sensor. Converted to salinity measure ↑ ↑ 100 mS/cm
Turbidity With ultrasonic cleaning 0-10 NTU
Oxygen (2 places for Lab Station) Optical Oxygen sensor, plus a precision temperature sensor Oxy 0-200% Temp 0-100 °C
Temperature (4 places in Lab Station, 2 places in Mobile Lab Station) High quality temperature sensors Temp 0-100 °C
Compressor Oil free, low noise, corrosion resistant 4L storage, 20LPM at 5 bar

The Lab Station: How it works

how it works1


Easy Installation - Low Maintenance

Blue-Unit Lab Station are easy to install, requiring only a power supply, internet connection and a freshwater tap connection.

Blue- Unit Lab Station have proven themselves to be nearly maintenance free. Some chemicals need to be refreshed on a montly basis.