Do you want a more efficient production and a greater return on your fish farm?

Blue-Unit offers a group of products and services to meet the greater demands of land based fish farmers.

The challenges on the fish farms:

Typically on a land based fish farm, oxygen is measured by probes hanging in the fish tanks, pH measured at a single location, while the remaining information needed to manage the fish farm is either collected manually or simply omitted.

Today’s reporting solutions can lead to a deterioration of fish farm water quality without farm management understanding why or having the time to react correctly. This leads to stops in production and causes stress within the fish population. Juvenile fish damaged under such events may continue to perform poorly throughout their remaining life, with enormous economic consequences for the producer.

Blue Unit recommends that as fish farms and tank sizes grow and as intensity increases, it becomes even more essential to measure additional water quality parameters and in more places, to understand how complex water quality parameters interact. This data also needs to be combined with other useful fish farm data, and applied to make better and faster management decisions.