Water quality and management

14. October 2019

Biofilter improvements – A practical example

How simply turning down you degasser can improve your biofilter health. With the data gathered from the Blue Unit Lab Station, we could see that a biofilter was performing poorly and that bicarbonate in the system was very low. We came up with a few actions to solve the problem. One of them was to turn down the degasser. The farm followed our advice and the biofilter improved significantly. Read more
5. August 2019

Hydrogen Sulfide – The silent killer

Elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) have lethal effects on fish. The presence of oxygen will work against the production of H2S, but it is a very slow process that cannot protect the fish in situations with sudden spikes of H2S. These anaerobic environments with H2S can form anywhere on a fish farm, particularly in biofilters and stagnant piping systems. Read more